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Norm is not only a geologist by day, He is also a serious photographer, artist and cartoonist.
This is really a more private blogging space, following the indie web design principles, that provides the opportunity to record a few snippet about what Norm is doing. It has the major benefit of providing a safer place to first publish photos and images of his art, in line with the POSSE (Publish {on your} Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) concept of syndication.

Norm Hanson

St.Pat's on St.Pat's Day

Trying out with known again, as a way around changes in flickr uploadr and google's abandoning Picasa



Norm Hanson

Sunset Collage

Series of photos taken at Venus Bay

Norm Hanson

in Search of the Aurora Australis

Last night had a high K index so I went out for a while looking for activity, But the ambient light of the city was probably too bright and the maximum activity was over New Zealand anyway. Still I had a little fun doing some low light multistitch panoramas, This is a three photo , created with

Norm Hanson

Returning to the Sand Goddess Theme

With the beaches calming down after summer crowds it is probably a great time to return to my Sand Goddess theme

Norm Hanson

An #Eastern #Rosella stops over

I haven't seen these guys around for a while, This Eastern Rosella stopped over long enough to soak up the last rays of sun and fluff up his feathers.

Norm Hanson

The Usual Suspects

Welcome swallows {Hirundo neoxena} taking a welcome rest from the wind

Norm Hanson

Light soaking rains overnight but where is the torrential downpour?

Weil after what seem like days of dire weather warning of torrential rain and storms (which failed to reach my neck of the woods) it has cooled down a lot and we did get soaking, albeit soft, rain overnight.

Still the ibis are grouping where I have never seen them in large numbers before, perhaps they know something if finally coming? Will the weather Bureau warning come to roost tomorrow

Norm Hanson

Summer Evening : Full Moon

The summer haze has coloured the rising full moon

Norm Hanson

coincidence ...or is it obsession?

The theme of eye(s) keeps reappearing in all my art works at the moment ... is this coincidence ...or is it obsession? The good news for me is the sight in my right eye is returning, albeit slowly.

This is just a practice piece in clay, for a larger sculptural work

Norm Hanson

The Trial ... that slipped away

My eye issues interrupted my trial of OnOne's Photo Perfect Suite 9, the only photo I got to process in earnest was this one, to submit to PhotoFriday's theme last week. Somewhat ironically I ended up using just the tools/features I have come to like from version 8.5. Such is Life.

I did notice the big improvement in the browser speed. So Suite 9 is a serious contender to run in the browser mode before importing into lightroom, to add metadata, select and star the best and cull the duds. Unfortunately I didn't get to play with the smart photo edits (which supposedly lets you revisit past edits)