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Norm is not only a geologist by day, He is also a serious photographer, artist and cartoonist.
This is really a more private blogging space, following the indie web design principles, that provides the opportunity to record a few snippet about what Norm is doing. It has the major benefit of providing a safer place to first publish photos and images of his art, in line with the POSSE (Publish {on your} Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) concept of syndication.

Norm Hanson

Why I am trying out Known ...and the Indie Web

1 min read

At the moment Known is still rather like a raw tumbler feed BUT it has the major advantage that is not within the clutches of the social web silo's. It is a platform being developed on the indie web, it is somewhere where I can be original (and creative) again. Some where I can first discuss and publish my work, then syndicate it myself into the social web if and when I want. Without fears that I will loose ownership.